Xero - Quickfire (Single)

Eyes Eternal - Blood Stained Wings (Single)

Grave Sermon - Whitewashed Tomb (EP)

Horrenda - Neronian Times (Remaster)


Symmetry Industry Studios - Separate Motions (Single)

Element X - All Or Nothing (EP)


Snowblind - Judgement (Single)

Black Shuck - Counterfeit Throne / The Hound (Singles)


Crossfire - Bound In Skin (EP)

Crossfire - Who Goes There? (Single)


Abaddon Incarnate - Live Pessimism (Live Album)

Mark Byrne - Is She Real (Single)


Axial Symmetry - United Corruption (EP)

Horrenda - Vile Lament (EP)


Aeternum Vale - Ashes Of Memory (EP)

Axial Symmetry - Funeral (Single)


Bloody Mondays - Belong (EP)

Axial Symmetry - Nothing Is Left (EP)

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