Hello, I’m Gavin Doyle!

I am a Graphic Designer & sound Engineer living in Dublin, Ireland. Symmetry Industry Studios offers both graphic design & sound production services individually or combining both together to bring visions to fruition. With the ability to adapt and work with different genres and styles, My aim on each project is to produce the best quality in sound & design that’s unique for each client. 

- Higher National Diploma in both Graphic Design & Media Production


Aeternum Vale - Dublin based Melodic Black Metal Band:

"We (Aeternum Vale) have been honored to work with Gavin Doyle. His ability to render our ideas into a visual form has always been an effortless task and it has been a pleasure to work with him again and again. He creates eye catching images that symbolize our collective visions perfectly, flawlessly. His continuing interpretations of our ideas is manifested not only in our satisfaction with his work but also in the stylized elegance and professionalism of his design. Highly recommended."

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Web Design/Photos: Gavin Doyle